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First of all, where is it reported that Musk is “mad at Biden”? There is a tendency for people to exaggerate things—imagine that. As in, a boss calls an underling into her office and tells her that she missed something in her work and she has to remedy the situation. A co-worker later asks what happened. She reports that her boss called her into her office and yelled at her. Any criticism now = “yelling” at the one being criticized. Either you love what someone is doing or you’re yelling at them. No middle ground.

You open your car door and it bumps the car next to you. The person describes it as “he wrecked” into my car.

No one has a headache. Everyone has a “migraine.”

Middle ground no longer exists. Things are either black or white. Unblack = white and vice versa.

So, is Musk annoyed or ticked off at Biden? Is he in a blind rage at him? Hard to see why he’d bother. But consider that before Musk/Tesla, EVs = golf carts. Musk has been to EVs what Bach was to the fugue. Like the Wilbur and Orville a bit over a century ago, Musk has been solving problems that the usual suspects hadn’t even been seeing exist. So ignoring him in a discussion of EVs reperesnts either unfathomable stupidity or blatantly petty partisanship.

The pettiness, if there is any, isn’t coming from Musk.

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