That was both very depressing and very infuriating...

I really hate to say this because i don't want to give in to hysterics or overheated thinking, but it really does seem that most of our Blue Tribe culture class (which, let's face it, means every journalist, writer and professor not explicitly Conservative) has surrendered their intellectual independence, their integrity and dignity, and signed onto The Big Lie.

(The Big Lie in this case is that there's not a massive coordinated push by Leftists armed with academic jargon to muzzle their opponents, have them and their ideas pathologized ("only a -phobic with an authoritarian personality would say that!"), and to stretch out the Harm Principle until everyone who refuses to obey their speech codes is too afraid to raise a word of dissent. I mean, did we all hallucinate what happened to Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, JK Rowling, the Christakises, Bari Weiss, Don McNeil, Heather Heying and Brett Weinstein, the Philip Roth bio and the Norman Mailer book, etc etc--plus sensitivity readers, Silence is Violence, constant language policing, and all the conservative speakers who've been hounded and attacked while trying to speak? Seriously!? To deny all this is unprecedented gaslighting.)

What worries me is that as far as I can tell from reading history, when a large chunk of the ruling/elite/intellectual class of a country has tied themselves to the mast of a Big Lie and refuses to back down, whose only response is to denounce and demonize anyone who stands in their way, this is when very ugly things start to happen.

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"You're not really afraid to express your views; you published in the NYTs, after all! Now be quiet while the entire journalism establishment mocks and demeans you.

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